In the year 2099, it is the age of Artificial General Intelligence, the city of Dawlin is ready to move on to a more advanced AI with superintelligence. The BOT AI would be built inside the Malketh Tower. It was led by a small team: (Ken, Dr. Mann, Billy, George Michael), and they started to program a sentient consciousness into it. It was a 10 year long project, and they have finally achieved what they sought out to do. The city of Dawlin has finally achieved a cyberpunk utopia with the BOT AI successfully keeping the city functioning, as the rest of the world watches and are becoming keen to the idea of an AI led society. However, there was a massive outbreak and all hell started to break loose. The BOT AI, part of the Zoom Network, was breached and the infamous SNAKE virus was planted by Dr. Mann, turning the BOT AI to a killing machine. Almost everyone was forced to evacuate the city, as all the robots part of the Zoom Network taken control by the BOT AI were destroying everyone in its path. No one dared to go into Dawlin, as they feared their lives, however Ken was determined to save the day.